Enterokind (Colikind)

Colikind is a German natural complex medicine that is indicated for use in eliminating “intestinal colic,” bloating and flatulence,  functional intestinal disorders accompanied by abdominal pain in infants and young children.

The most frequent cause of children’s cry in the first three months of life is intestinal colic. Colic is a paroxysmal pain in the abdomen accompanied by severe child’s restlessness. The baby shouts, clatters legs, which, cannot, but worry parents. The main reason of colic in babies is immaturity of their GIT that is manifested by discoordination of the bowels motor activity, enzyme deficiency and, therefore, activation of fermentation processes that generate gases inflating the bowel. 

Colikind is natural German combined medication that is indicated for the removal of colic, bloating and flatulence, functional bowel disorders, accompanied by abdominal pain in infants and toddlers.

The advantage of Colikind is its multiple profile of action.

Colikind can relieve pain in colic of almost any origin (cramps, bloating), since it acts on both the symptoms and the causes of their occurrence (improves and, most importantly, synchronizes peristalsis by normalizing (according to the age) the secretion of digestive enzymes). This what the drug’s uniqueness is. Therefore, it is not surprising that based on clinical trials Colikind was found 2 times effective than simeticone. Colikind is well tolerated and approved for use in children from birth.