Immunokind was awarded for Best Homeopathic Medicine for 2018 by the Bulgarian pharmacists


The Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union has awarded Immunokind as a Product No1 for 2018 in the “Homeopathic medicine” category. The award was assigned by a unanimous decision of 6 members of the jury. It was presented during the 12th edition of Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Days that took place from 22 to 24 June in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

This is the second prestigious recognition of the Immunokind effectiveness for this year. In April 2018, 22 leading pediatricians and neonatologists from hospitals and outpatient care units signed an official statement in support of scientific evidence demonstrating the successful use of Immunokind for the prevention of repetitive upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs) in children.

The material is based on the latest Immunokind clinical trial conducted in 2016 by Jong MC, Buskin SL, Ilyenko L, Khodotova Irina, Burkan J Weber S, Keller T, Klement P. The trial was initiated to investigate the effectiveness, safety and tolerability of Immunokind used for the prevention of recurrent acute upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs) in children, in comparison to another complex homeopathic product. The intention-to-treat analysis involved 200 children. In both treatment groups, the median number of acute URTIs was one for 3 months and two, respectively, for the full 6 months post-treatment. At the end of a trial, Immunokind had overall higher odds of getting lower complaints severity total score and showing symptoms improvement. Specifically, improved appetite and minimal impact on the behavior and activity of the child were observed in the Immunokind group.

At the end of the study antibiotic use decreased in both treatment groups. Overall assessment for satisfaction with and tolerability of treatment was higher in Immunokind group. A low number of non-serious adverse drug reactions were reported.