A new concept for the treatment of acute and chronic rhinosinusitis in children


A new concept for the treatment of acute and chronic rhinosinusitis in children was presented by Alpen Pharma Bulgaria LLC at the Second Pediatric ENT Conference


With the support of Alphen Pharma Bulgaria LLC as a Platinum sponsor of  event, on 15 – 16 February 2019 at Pravets, Bulgaria, the Second Pediatric Otorhinolaryngological Conference was held. The event was organized by the Bulgarian Soctheiety of Otorhinolaryngology in Pediatric. The conference was attended by leading Bulgarian and foreign otorhinolaryngologists working in pediatrics, pediatricians and general practitic physicians (GPs) from all over Bulgaria. All of them had the opportunity to share their clinical experience as well as novelties in the diagnosis and treatment of ENT illnesses in children.

Within one-hour symposium of Alpen Pharma Bulgaria LLC the President of the Bulgarian Rhinology Association and the Bulgarian Society of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology Prof. Dr. Dilyana Vicheva and the pediatrician and pediatric gastroenterologist Ph. D. Miglena Georgieva made a presentation on ” Sinus microbiome in dysbiosis of Rhinosinusitis – alternative treatment.” They presented an entirely new and very up-to-date concept addressing sinus microbial related  studies from clinical centers in Europe, Australia and America. The main highlights of the presentation were on the physiology of the mucociliary clearance and nasal ventilation, acute and chronic rhinosinusitis, eubiosis and dysbiosis.

The second lecture of the symposium presented by Dr. Ivan Nestorov, pediatrician and homeopathic doctor was on “Influnasal nasal spray – gentle treatment of the inflammation”. He talked about the nasal breathing physiology and the influence of the inflammation on it. He put his emphasis on the therapeutic approaches in the treatment of allergic and CRS.

He reported about  the benefits of Influnasal – Luffa nasal spray, which regulates the inflammatory response, suppresses the eosinophilic hyperactivity, decreases swelling and obstruction of the nasal breathing, activates mucociliary clearance and maintains the nasal mucosa function.