For loving parents appearance of first tooth is always a special event. Term of appearance of first teeth can be completely different. In some babies, teeth appear early, within the first three months, while in others, on the contrary, closer to 1 year. On average, eruption begins at 4-7 months age. The most important signs of a close encounter with the first teeth are excessive salivation, swelling and itching of baby’s gums. It is during this period, when kids are particularly capricious and require greater attention. Besides, teething process can be complicated by a bad sleep, aversion to food, fever and diarrhea. Then, how to help a kid to meet the first teeth with joy?

Dentokind is German natural combined medication, which was created specially for facilitation of  the process of teething. The advantage of this drug is that it acts systemically and can help in eliminating almost all the symptoms of teething, such as sore gums, increased salivation, itching, swelling, inflammation and pain extending to the ears, diarrhea, fever, intestinal colic. Combined action sets Dentokind apart from gels and ointments, which act only topically (on the gums) and are quickly washed away by saliva when swallowed. To administer the medication to kids, it is recommended to dissolve a tablet in a teaspoon of water.