Dentokind® Teething gel

The pain and discomfort of teething is something every baby – and parent – has to endure. The crying and restlessness, as well as fever, rashes and upset tummies, can be worrying, and may disturb sleep as well as family life. Fortunately, teething symptoms soon subside once the tooth is through. As a mum or dad though, you will want to do all you can to help baby through the distress as safely, gently and effectively as possible.

Dentokind® Teething gel is a unique combination product based on Mallow Leave Extract and Panthenol. It helps in soothing and caring the gums during the eruption of the teeth in babies and children. The ingredients of the formula were selected with respect to the purpose of hydration and soothing of oral mucosa eg. Malva has anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve irritation of gums, while Panthenol assists in mucosa regeneration.

To achieve best results, it is recommended Dentokind tablets and Dentokind teething gel to be combined. Their combined application results in optimal and complete control of the symptoms of painful dentition in children  – increased salivation, pruritus, swelling, inflammation and pain spreading to the ears, diarrhea, fever, intestinal colic.