Doctor Schussler salt №3 ferrum phosphoricum

Dr. Schüssler’s salts are vital mineral salts for regulatory therapy, restore the cells’ ability to regulate chemical processes, harmonizing cellular metabolism and capable of naturally and safely restoring and maintaining human health.

Dr. Schüsler’s salts are the basic instruments of regulatory therapy designed to help the body regulate its internal biochemical processes.

Dr. Schüsler’s salts are developed on the basis of practical scientific knowledge and the homeopathic heritage of Germany.

In accordance with the principles of holistic approach, Dr. Schüsler’s mineral salts restore and maintain the health and well-being of a person, instead of just eliminating the symptoms of the disease.

Dr. Schussler’s salts are absorbed into the cells, harmonize and regulate chemical processes, restoring the ability of the human body to independently maintain the mineral balance and normal functioning.

Dr. Schüssler founded his therapy on 12 mineral salts, which he called “functional substances”, because they perform basic functions in our body and are suitable for eliminating a variety of functional disorders.

The therapeutic effects of Dr. Schüsler’s mineral salts are diverse. They help to reorganize or eliminate the imbalance of the corresponding minerals in the cells – they stimulate self-healing of the body in a gentle and safe way – without any side effects.

Dr. Schüssler determined that, for successful treatment, minerals must directly enter diseased cells. For this purpose, its medicines are manufactured according to the principle of homeopathic remedies. Dr. Schüssler identified 12 different mineral salts based on analysis of the prevailing mineral composition of human organs. Each of the 12 salts corresponds to a specific effect on a particular organ or system.

The method of treatment with mineral salts, invented by German physician Heinrich Schüssler and named by him “regulatory therapy”, is a completely new approach, a natural and careful way of prevention and treatment of diseases.

12 of the mineral salts of Dr. Schüssler regulate the metabolic processes in every cell of our body, restore the most important of its functions, strengthen the defenses of the body and accelerate recovery.

A high level of safety allows you to take them even to children from birth.

Dr. Schüsler salt No.3 Ferrum phosphoricum D12 (iron phosphate) – salt traditionally used in the first stage of inflammation – accidentals (tissue damage in which there is a variety of changes in cellular and extracellular components in the place of action of damaging factor), which is characterized by such symptoms as fever, headache, joint and muscle pain, weakness, aches all over the body. Ferrum phosphoricum promotes the absorption of oxygen by cells, improves blood circulation, increases the intracellular concentration of iron, stimulates metabolic processes, increases the activity of immune cells (macrophages and granulocytes), has a detoxifying effect, accelerates regeneration and affects the body thermoregulation. Because of these properties, Ferrum phosphoricum is recommended as a maintenance treatment in the initial stage of all types of inflammation, including at the first symptoms of a cold (chills, body aches, sore joints and muscles, sore throat, fever, etc.) , in case of fevers, fresh wounds, cuts, abrasions and burns of the 1st degree (for example, solar).